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Marea carte de intrebari si raspunsuri

165 RON(preț vechi: 275 lei!)

Cărți pline de ilustrații vibrante și distractive, cartonate integral, cu clapete - niste mini enciclopedii pentru copiii curioși, cu multe întrebări.

Un set de 5 cărți, a câte 14 pg cartonate, 276*216 mm, 5+, ambalate foarte drăguț intr-o carcasa.

"Lift-the-Flap Q&A Your Body

Full of all the answers to the many questions that children have about their bodies, including ‘How do I smell?’ ‘What makes me burp?’ ‘Why do I need to wash my hands?’ ‘Why is blood red?’ and many more.

Lift-the-Flap Q&A Animals

This delightful book answers all kinds of animal questions that young children might ask, such as “where do fish sleep?”, “do elephants have teeth” and “why do frogs jump?”

Lift-the-Flap Q&A Dinosaurs

Provides simple and friendly answers to questions such as “Why do dinosaurs have tricky names?”, “Could dinosaurs swim?”, “How big was the biggest dinosaur?” and lots more.

Lift-the-Flap Q&A Time

This book answers all kinds of questions about time, from ‘When did time begin?’ to ‘How does a sundial work?’. Children can learn about the time on a clock, the months of the year and time zones around the world.

Lift-the-Flap Q&A Food

This mouth-watering book answers all kinds of questions about food. Children can discover which foods grow in rainforests, who discovered potatoes, why cheese smells and lots more. "

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